2019 OktoberTekfest - Escape Room LP Image


Choose your Mr. Robot themed escape room, or try both!

IE & Cisco Escape Rooms return to OktoberTekfest!

This year, we're excited to offer two (2) custom-built Mr. Robot themed escape rooms, incorporating real-world cybersecurity attack scenarios. Will you be able to free yourself before your 15 minutes runs out? Put your cybersecurity skills to the test solving puzzles to escape while learning about the importance of protecting your assets.

If you've already registered for Tekfest, there's no need to register for the escape rooms. This year, escape rooms are first-come, first-serve with multiple time slots available, so gather your team and ready your plan!

WHERE: Sharon and Independence Rooms,
Westin Charlotte

WHEN: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM & 1:00 PM-3:30 PM

TIME LIMIT: 15 minutes 

(per room/scenario)


2019 OktoberTekfest Escape Room - Red Team Hacker

You and your team, a determined group of hacktivists*, have identified an unscrupulous organization you have coined "Immoral International" as your next target. Your goal is to penetrate their network and destroy the database containing the world's financial records. By doing this, you will erase all debt, reset the economy, and bring down this malicious, large-multinational corporation.

LOCATION: Independence Room

*Learn more about real hacktivists by researching Anonymous hacktivist group.


2019 OktoberTekfest - Escape Room - Blue Team Hacker

You are the manager of the security operation center (SOC) for the centralized financial system all other financial systems report to known as I-International. I-International essentially is the background of the global financial debt recording system and critical to the nation's economy. Your security team is responsible for protecting the financial database from any threat and you have access to unlimited resources to accomplish this goal. There have been warnings of a known hacktivist group targeting your organization causing your team to be on high alert. You must quickly implement the right people, process, and technology before these vigilante hacktivists make their move.

LOCATION: Sharon Room

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