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The IE Customer Experience: Where you hold all the cards!

We’ve always been customer-obsessed at IE. As part of our family of customers, ensuring you have an exceptional experience at every interaction is our mission. But as you know, juggling business alignment, product refresh, software entitlement, maintenance contracts, end-user adoption, new projects, operations, budgeting and a myriad of other time sensitive requirements is just plain exhausting!  As your partner, we’ve felt your pain and that’s why we’ve created the IE Customer Experience Team. You now have resources dedicated to making your life easier and we’d love for you to meet them! Stop by the Customer Experience booth to chat with them about their passion and commitment to providing meaningful and impactful customer service for not only what we deliver, but how we deliver it.


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IE OnDemand Managed Services

Join the OnDemand team for a rousing game of Blackjack. While there, learn about our suite of OnDemand offerings that provide elastic engineering services to help you scale. Also hear about our newest offering, End-User Service Desk and see how our “eyes on glass” system monitoring can enhance your IT organization while taking the burden from your team so they can focus on innovation.


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