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SendSecure: The next generation of Secure File Exchange        

XM SendSecure™ is a state-of-the-art file exchange platform that is both highly secure and simple to use. It allows anywhere, anytime, any device secure document exchange capabilities, while meeting requirements for security, manageability and compliance. It's specifically designed to make the safe encrypted exchange and ephemeral storage of sensitive documents as easy as sending an e-mail through virtual SafeBox. Any files exchanged are encrypted in transit and at rest. Files are automatically purged based on a retention policy that is customized when the SafeBox is created and provides an audit trail of all communications.


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Increase Productivity with Cisco WebEx       

From interviewing candidates to resolving IT issues to providing safer schools and workplaces, WebEx could be the tool to help you get it done! Come check out WebEx in action. Bring your ideas and challenges and let’s discuss if WebEx could be a good fit for you.


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Telephony Teams Are Turning to Automation Software to Streamline Cisco UC Provisioning
Get simple, fast and secure CUCM provisioning from Akkadian Labs 

With tons of devices and lots of fluidity, manual unified communications provisioning is time-consuming and subject to inconsistencies. There is a growing trend of Voice Engineers turning to provisioning automation software to streamline their Cisco UC workflows. Our easy-to-use, turnkey solution transforms Cisco Collaboration administration by automating moves, adds, changes and deletes across all UC applications and clusters – from a single pane of glass. Securely offload tasks to your ServiceDesk, zero-touch on-boarding with Active Directory integration, an out-of-the-box employee self-service portal, remote phone control and much more. On-board in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes!


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The Call Center Customer Connection

The contact center is a strategic connection point between you and your customers. Every conversation contains a wealth of data that is worth capturing and analyzing. ZOOM Quality Management is a robust, scalable and easy to use solution that can improve the customer experience as well as support compliance obligations.


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Read the Players, Not the Cards: How people focused communications are changing the way we do business
Collab in the Cloud and UCaaS

Researchers have found that 55% of communication is made up of body language while another 38% is tone of voice. Only 7% is verbal. How is your communications strategy evolving to accommodate today’s highly mobile lives while still maximizing the value of every interaction? Your business wants the ability to connect more seamlessly and consistently, regardless if you’re are on the ground, in the air, working from a desk, coffeeshop, briefcase or pocket, your team and customers want to be able to communicate anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

But how can you manage that volume and the burden of deploying and maintaining hardware and software? Today’s Cloud technologies offers both the bandwidth and security to make it happen, without worrying about upgrades or buying the latest equipment. Visit IE’s Collab in the Cloud booth to learn how our UCaaS offering can help companies of all sizes move beyond just voice, all while delivering cost savings, scalability, and employee productivity.


Play Your Cards Right and Transform the Customer Experience
WebEx Contact Center

Call control isn't the only UC app moving to the cloud. With Cisco's Webex Contact Center you can enjoy all of the benefits of the cloud using on-prem or cloud-based PBXs. Designed and built from the ground up as a cloud solution, Cisco Webex Contact Center brings your business the innovation, flexibility, and agility of the cloud with the security and scalability you have come to expect from Cisco.

In this demo, IE will show call routing and supervisor controls using the all new Webex Contact Center platform. Don’t miss your opportunity to see how you can provide your sales and service contact center staff with the ability to improve the customer experience and optimize performance!


No Hands is a Winning Hand!
Zero Touch Migration for new IP Phones

Are you aware that support for many older Cisco IP Phones will be discontinued in the near future? Don't let this prevent you from keeping your UC environment up to date. Join IE for this important collaboration demo to learn how to migrate from old handsets to new with simplicity and ease.


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