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Webex uses cognitive collaboration and People Insights to create a more convenient virtual meeting space for you and your team. In times like these when remote work is a necessity, you need a reliable solution that won't cause frustration for your team.

To assist you with your company's work-from-home strategy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and self quarantine, we're offering you a FREE 90-day corporate trial to use during this unprecedented season when remote work is at an all-time high. Below, we've detailed what this offering includes. To request this free trial, simply fill out the form and our Webex specialists will reach out to you.


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Collaboration with the X Factor:

How AI is transforming the way we work

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Only Cisco Webex Meetings includes People Insights, making it easier to foster human connections, communicate with customers, and engage with attendees. With real-time profiles for 250 million people and 20 million companies and counting, meaningful relationship insights are at your fingertips. 

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Cognitive Collaboration:

It's the X factor in next-generation collaboration


Cognitive collaboration ensures that context and intelligence are woven throughout all collaboration experiences to foster human relationships, enhance customer interactions, and build high-performance teams across boundaries who can make smarter and faster decisions and allow you to serve your customers better.

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The People Have Spoken:

Humans and AI are joining forces for the ultimate team collaboration experience 


The people are looking for a better meeting experience-one with cognitive collaboration abilities. The majority of virtual meeting users have frequently experienced issues with online meetings. Learn how Webex's cognitive collaboration can improve your virtual meeting experience.

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Webex vs. Zoom

What is the best video conferencing software?

Not sure how to choose the right video conferencing solution for your work-from-home strategy? Staying connected during self-quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic can be troublesome if you don't have a reliable video conferencing solution. Compare these two popular options to determine which one will be the better fit for your organization. 

What's Next?

Once you've implemented Webex, then what? For help with initial deployment, end-user training, and monitoring, try IE's Adoption Services.

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